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This document describes a few possible future directions of SCT - and what features could be implemented.

Some things (from the 'Framework' section) might already be started in the subversion trunk without any documentation.

If you are interested in any of those features, or want to discuss the future of SCT, don't hesitate to use the forum

1. Wiki

The wiki application has not seen as many feature enhancements lately as the forum, basically because i think it is already "good enough" for my purposes. But considering the endless possibilities for wikis there are many ideas:

2. Forum/Board

The forum is already very powerful thanks to the 'Category Types' - but there is still more potential.

3. Framework

I have always tried to keep things as generic as possible - this made the Community application (in my opinion) a good toolbox for developing django applications.

3.1. Block framework

The "Block framework" (i am really bad at naming things) could be described as very, very light weight version of "portlets" - basically they are python classes which can be dynamically added to a site and will be called to render their content whenever necessary. They are meant to replace things like navigation, user box, ads, etc. which are currently in a sites base template. - This would make site templates much more generic.

Another usage could be so called "Dashboards" which allow users to aggregate many "blocks" on one site.

see also BlockFramework.

3.2. Advanced Object List

The "Advanced Object List" should do for lists what django's newforms library does for forms: Create a easy way to create complex lists which are:

see Development/AdvancedObjectList for a few thoughts.

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