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A Django site.

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Block Framework


The Block Framework can be used to create dynamic building blocks for a web site which are displayed in the "sidebars" (left and right of the actual content).

This is required to let users customize these sidebars as they please. It is also useful to provide easy customizations for administrators.

It is implemented very simple with many functionality missing. But i did not want to recode a portal server. ;)

1. Terminology

1.1. Block

A "Block" is the definition and implementation of one type of building block. (comparable in it's indent to portlets, but by far not as flexible/complicated)

1.2. Block Instance

To define a position for a block, and configure it an Instance is required. Instances provide the necessary rendering functionality. (In python these are really instances of the defined 'Block' classes.)

1.3. Block Instance Configuration

Blocks might require configuration to render - for example a navigation block might need the configuration of the actual navigation items it should display, etc.



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