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  • Re: Moving the content to another forum
    Board » General
    the models aren't that complicated, simply iterate through all sphene.sphboard.models.ThreadInformation objects in the database (representing the threads) and within all those threads fetch the posts with thread.posts.all() and simply store 'subject' and 'body' .. and you got 99% of the forum content..
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  • Re: Problem accessing a board after a post was deleted by a site admin
    Board » General
    the problem can only occur when a post is deleted through the django admin, within SCT there should be no problem to delete a post.
    it can be fixed by calling sphene.sphboard.models.ensure_thread_information() - so if you have shell access to your installation you could use the following:

    ./manage.py shell
    >>> from sphene.sphboard.models import ensure_thread_information
    >>> ensure_thread_information()
    Validating Thread information ...

    otherwise you would have to write your own view which calls that function. afterwards it should again.

    hope that helps,
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  • Re: license, syncdb and tutorial remarks
    Board » General
    yes, sorry i have just walked through the tutorial and updated it so it actually works with the latest version.

    i have completely removed my old "changelog" mechanism i haven't used it for months, so it should be save to rely on South instead (which is now a requirement for SCT, and i have created initial migrations for all SCT apps) - but during the first installation you have to use ./manage.py syncdb --all && ./manage.py migrate --fake

    anyway, the tutorial somehow didn't mention how to add SCT to the urls.py - the minium you require is:

    defaultdict = { 'groupName': 'example' }
    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        url(r'^community/', include('sphene.community.urls'), defaultdict),
        url(r'^board/', include('sphene.sphboard.urls'), defaultdict),
        url(r'^wiki/', include('sphene.sphwiki.urls'), defaultdict),

    the groupName is transformed by the GroupMiddleware from a string into a Group object and passed to the view as 'group' parameter. there is a short introduction to "groups" as used by SCT in the tutorial (http://sct.sphene.net/wiki/show/Tutorial/#3CommunityGroups__MD_autoTOC_11)
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  • Re: license, syncdb and tutorial remarks
    Board » General

    license: yes, SCT is completely licensed under the BSD license. (the LICENSE file is the default text of the bsd license)

    TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS - that's not a bad idea, i'll probably change it in the tutorial. but chances are if you are integrating SCT into an existing project you already have a settings file you have to adjust, so the important thing is to add SCTs context processors :)

    no, that error is not normal, i guess it's from the changelog script which i used before starting to use south.. i will take a look and let you know once it's fixed.. in the meantime you could try modifying sphenecoll/sphene/community/management/__init__.py and at the end of the file comment out the two lines which register do_changelog ("post_migrate.connect(syncdb_compat_do_changelog)" and "post_syncdb.connect(do_changelog)" .. this will probably be the fix anyway (although before that i have to make the South app a requirement for SCT)
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  • Released SCT 0.7
    Board » News Forum
    I have created a release, since it has been quite some time :)
    My goal is to make SCT compatible with django 1.4 (which it should be already). Once I'm convinced i probably rename the release to 1.0 :)
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  • Moving source code to Github
    Board » News Forum
    I have started to migrate the subversion repository into a github account. In the process i am also trying to support django 1.4

    The code is available at https://github.com/hpoul/sct-communitytools
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  • TabSplit
    Board » Who's using SCT
    TabSplit is a online tool which allows you to share bills, split receipts among participants and record expenses in general. This allows you to track debts between your friends if you happen to share bills regularly – For example if you are sharing rent with your roommate, taking turns on paying restaurant bills, etc.

    We use SCT as a simple support forum and to manage feature requests.

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  • Re: Private messages: first implementation
    Board » General » Feature Discussions
    hmm.. good question.. as i stated earlier in this thread one way would be to re-use a bit from the forum code by using a custom category type (similar how comments are complemented) .. would have the advantage that quite a bit of functionality would already be there (like rendering, attachments, etc.) .. but i think it would be much easier to simply create it separately and use the renderer of the forum.. i don't think there is much code to be reused anyway.. it would be cool if the 'post' form cood be reused, so if anyone customizes it (e.g. using a WYSIWYG editor) - that it is also used for private messages.. but i'm not sure how easy this can be done.. :(

    for now i would simply go with the simplest solution - create a separate app outside the forum.. this way we have a useful messaging system we can build upon :)
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  • Re: Private messages: first implementation
    Board » General » Feature Discussions
    hi benji,

    thanks for your interest in SCT :)
    sorry i don't know of any further development on this one.. i haven't looked into it ..
    if you look into developing this feature and need a few hints, just let me know maybe i can help.. and it would be cool if you could contribute it back obviously, would be very welcome :) (you should probably use the current SVN version .. i'll soon create a new SCT release because there were quite a few new features and bug fixes..)
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  • Re: "><script>alert('security flaw in thread subject');</script>
    Board » General
    ok, thanks for the report. i have fixed it..
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