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I want to add captcha handling to the system so I can use them in various places. Right now I am targeting the user registration and reset password pages.

I personally like the captcha that helps forward knowledge at http://recaptcha.net/. But I don't want to hard code this into the service. So I am going to design a plug-in module for this.

I noticed you had a captcha library already hidden in SCT. Is that actively being developed? How far had you gotten?
the wiki and board already makes use of captchas for anonymous posts (if enabled)
see Captcha.

in sphene.community.sphutils it is hardcoded against djaptcha .. but everything else (board,wiki) should only use the "api" (basically CaptchaField) - but i haven't rechecked it

so if you extend the CaptchaField and it's widgets to support a pluggable captcha system.. the board/wiki should already make use of it :)
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
Excellent news. This is an upcoming priority. I want to have captcha on the registration processes as well as in a few other places.
I just checked in an update to the views for captchas. This update adds some optional settings (CAPTCHA_BGCOLOR, CAPTCHA_FGCOLOR and CAPTCHA_BORDER). This change also computes the image size automatically based off of the true type font being used.

If I'll update the wiki here with the new options and descriptions. The default behavior precisely matches the way it was with the hard coded values.
cool thanks :)
i have extended the documentation: Captcha (i hope i got that right..) - btw. you should have edit permissions on the wiki now ;)
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
Yes I do now have edit permission on the wiki. Thanks. I have updated the wiki page a little too.

Still want to decouple from djaptcha. Honestly you have 90% of it built completely in. The image is getting built by python's builtins and everything else is in your other areas.
I posted one more change this morning. According to the captcha docs if someone installs djaptcha and sets it up then captchas will be used for anonymous posts and for anonymous viewing of the display email.

As the code was the display of the email address was not tied into captchas unless the sphsetting community_email_anonymous_require_captcha was flipped to True. So I added some code to adjust the default for that setting to True in the same section of code that checked for captcha presence and turned it on for anonymous posts if so.
Posted another minor change to captcha systems. This one adds possible captcha support to the user registration process. If captchas are enabled (installed) then a new sphsetting called community_register_require_captcha is available to add a captcha to the initial email registration form.
cool.. nice :) .. btw. how did you manage to write your post.. i discovered my site was offline until a few seconds ago :) (hard drive went full again *grml*)
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
I am so glad it was a hard drive filling up. The site went offline after I committed the change. I was scared you were running the site from some kind of auto-rollout from the svn archives.

I sent an email off to kahless@sphene.net saying the site was down and I was getting ready to back off the change just in case when the site kind of came back (it was still having some issues). But, I got my post in and updated the Wiki too.

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