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  • Re: URL computing bug?
    Board » General
    Bang on. That is indeed the very change that was causing problems and it is a better explanation of what happened.

    Thanks, I had not found that. I actually found a clue in the new Django documentation for FastCGI setup the very last paragraph on the page talked about FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME 'feature.' Specifically this section:


    Thanks again! It is always nice to know the why as well as the how.

    + Leeland
  • Re: URL computing bug?
    Board » General
    Looks like it is a Django vs. lighttpd thing. Not in your code at all.

    I haven't found a really nice solution (will keep pounding on it). But in the mean time I found that by setting FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME = '' int he settings_local.py file this fixes the issue. It only works if everything is coming off the root. :^)

    I suppose this could be filled in with more specific details. But, it works.


    + Leeland
  • URL computing bug?
    Board » General
    I just upgraded both Django and SCT to the latest (from nearly a year of letting them sit.)

    I managed to fix all the little tidbits which needed to get fixed for moving to Django 1.x and SCT 0.5.

    Now I have one last issue which has to do with some of the URLs being generated. Somewhere the URL creation for sub-links like login, specific forums, etc. is now picking up an internal URL that is part of the redirection specification. Meaning that from the Forums main page what use to get generated as:


    Is now getting generated as:


    The login link on the left menu use to get generated like:



    But, some of other links are getting correctly generated without the extra "nodsite.fcgi" level. BTW nodsite.fcgi is coming from the lighttpd configuration for internal redirection through the fastcgi engine.

    Any suggestions?
  • Re: The news macro is having issues with limits
    Board » General » Feature Discussions
    Well I finally got time to poke and found that the problem was entirely me. I put the limit parameters into the rss feed macros instead of into the news macros.

    It is working just fine now.
  • The news macro is having issues with limits
    Board » General » Feature Discussions
    Hey ho,

    I'm still alive. ;) Just been swamped at home and work.

    I just added the news macro to one of my pages and I wanted it to only show the last two. So I did the limit=2 in the macro tag and it was not honored. The news lists 5 elements no matte what I do.

    I'm not up to the current branch on the source. I'll have to update my Django branch and the SCT branches first. That may or may not consume a night. Not sure if anything is going to break. If you have time and it is a quick fix maybe you can get to it. :)
  • Re: Posts are not parsing BBCode URL tags correctly
    Board » General
    Thanks. I started working on trying to get the wiki tag into the BBCode parser but then got side tracked. I am currently working on finishing the BBCode parser (it was annoying me). So I have been pretty side tracked today on this. Once I am sure I have it all working well I'll submit it.

    I have a "BBCode that works here" http://www.nodsw.com/board/thread/28/?page=1#post-28 post on my site which should be easily converted to a wiki page once it is done. It shows every BBCode tag and emoticon supported by the BBCode parser with examples of what it looks like and what the generated HTML should look like.

    I am code crawling to get what is there and comparing that against the BBCode documentation and correcting / adding as needed.

    I haven't fixed the wiki documentation here yet on the new setting. If you could do that and tell me which wiki page it is on that would be great.
  • Re: Posts are not parsing BBCode URL tags correctly
    Board » General
    Well I thought about this and played around and decided it just didn't work for me. So I just checked in a minor change to the board classes which adds the SPH setting board_auto_wiki_link_enabled which defaults to True (aka your preferred style). This lets me turn off this behavior via the local settings.

    I want to extend the BBCode renderer to add a couple of extended tags one of which will be the wiki tag I mentioned in the previous post.
  • Re: Posts are not parsing BBCode URL tags correctly
    Board » General
    Interesting id. But, I would suggest instead of doing it magically for anything that is CamelCased you instead did it in a more BBCode style. Why not add a special custom tag 'wiki'? Then there would be no accidental wiki links. e.g.:

    [ wiki ] TheWikiLink [ / wiki ]

    [ wiki = TheWikiLink ] The Wiki Snip Link [ / wiki ]
  • Re: Posts are not parsing BBCode URL tags correctly
    Board » General
    Umm... hmmm ... well that seems odd. Why would you use wiki links in a forum post?
  • Re: Posts are not parsing BBCode URL tags correctly
    Board » General
    Actually I was using the BBCode URL tags which use the square '[' ']' brackets. HTML code in BBCode posts should be converted to the safe html character like '& amp ;'

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