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planning the perfect WYSIWYG editor for blog, wiki and forum


Planning the most useful WYSIWYG editor (for me).

1. Why?!

  1. because i can't even remember the markup for my own wiki any more!!
  2. because i have to work around limitations of my own blog's bbcode.
  3. i want one editor/markup powering my forum, blog and wiki.

2. What are the requirements?

3. Not to haves

It is always more important to define what should NOT be supported.

4. How to get there

5. Implementation Details

The basic markup should be a subset of (x)html - valid XML is the easiest to parse. there are enough libraries and utilities out there for python. so this should be the way to go.

Custom features can be added by using custom attributes or simply assert custom functionality. For example: < img src="..." imgid="123" width="500px" height="200px" /> should generate a thumbnail of the file with id 123 with width 500 and height 200 px. (the src="..." is ignored - it is only needed so tinymce can display a valid image while editing.). - Maybe we could use custom namespaces? < img src="..." sph:imgid="123" ... / >?

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