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SCT Development Cheat sheet

Development / Cheatsheet

A collection of useful hints i created basically for myself so i don't have to look it up everytime in code i have previously written.

These are mostly SCT-related hints, only a few may also apply to other django projects.

1. General

1.1. Reverse lookup for a view -> URL

1.1.1. in python:

from sphene.community.sphutils import sph_reverse

sph_reverse( 'view_name', args = (), kwargs = { } )

1.1.2. in templates:

{% load sph_extras %}

{% sph_url2 view_name arg=value %}

2. Models

2.1. Absolute URLs

from sphene.community.middleware import get_current_request
from sphene.community.sphutils import sphpermalink as permalink

class MyModel(models.Model):

    def get_absolute_edit_url(self):
        return ('sphene.sphblockframework.views.edit_block_config', (), { 'groupName': self.group.name, 'bock_config_id': self.id })
get_absolute_edit_url = permalink(get_absolute_edit_url, get_current_request)


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