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You can help Sphene Community Tools in a various ways - not all include coding:

1. Improve SCT's publicity

By spread the word about SCT you help to drive more users to SCT and therefore we get more testers in more environments, more feedback and therefore more rapid development progress.

1.1. Vote for SCT

There are a couple of sites where SCT is listed and can be voted upon:

1.2. Blog about SCT

If you are writing a blog you could include a link to SCT when talking about your projects which include it (for example).

2. Write feedback

It is very motivating to have feedback from users who are working with the project. Just visit the forum and drop a note about your experience with SCT. Feel also free to suggest new features.

If you have a public project which is up and running visit the Who's using SCT section in the board to post a link to it.

2.1. Reporting bugs

If you are not sure if it is really a bug, please post it in the forums, otherwise simply use the issue tracker :)

3. Contributing Code

And finally if you are able to contribute code (like bugfixes) you can do so either in patch form (in the issue tracker), or ask me for write-access to the subversion repository.

If you want to contribute code but need a starting guide, write a thread in the forums :)

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