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Project:epostasia community classified ads

Classified ads organized by country/city/category(and subcategory if any). Current implementation is for some Asian countries but easily extensible to other countries or languages.

Uses the forum part of SCT, but organizes the forum categories into groups.
thanks for posting your site - i'm wondering is the list at http://www.epostasia.com/forum/listgroups/ really separated by community groups, or are those 'Category' objects ?

i like the layout of this list of forums .. it is very clean and all .. i would be interested what the advantage was in using community Groups instead of Category objects
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
Not sure whether it's the right thing to do but I used the community Group. I added a class method to the Group model to get all the root Groups as a convenience method.

In case anyone is interested the code is like this

def rootGroups(cls):
" Usage - Group.rootGroups()"
return cls.objects.filter(parent__isnull=True)

This returns the root Groups in alphabetical order. If you want a particular group first, insert it at the beginning.

Thanks Herbert, I liked your SCT very much and found it feature rich and not too difficult to implement. Keep the good work up.

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