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So I nuked the Example category and added several new board categories to my install, and I just noticed that despite the fact that I've deleted the 0th entry, when I go to /board/ it redirects me automatically to /board/show/0/ -- and then tells me "There are currently no categories. (Or you have no permission to see them.)" What should I be redirecting to if not show/0/? Do I have to keep and not delete the 0th board category? I noticed that it's a simple redirect in the urlconf. Also, I noticed that after making a new parent category for some previously created categories, going to /board/show/4 (my parent) doesn't list boards 1-3 (which all list 4 as the parent).

So, general ideas - perhaps a board list view, or a board list tag that lists sub-categories for a given parent?
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nope.. the '0' in /board/show/0/ is just symbolic .. there was never a category with the id 0 .. (i hope)

i'm using the 0 as the root for all categories.. on this page all categories without a parent should be listed.. (the reason is, that i want to have the same URL schema for the "root" and any category below it..)

are you sure your root category is assigned to the correct Group ?

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What group should it be assigned to? Do I need to assign users (including Superusers) to groups to see boards? I left the group category blank (as I don't have any groups yet). Is there a way to assign a group to non-logged-in users (ie a public forum and some private forums)?
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sorry .. i know my naming sucks ;) .. the Group which is ment there is the SCT Community Group .. not the django user Groups

the 'Group' object of SCT is more like django's 'Site' object.. it represents one page.. (like http://sct.sphene.net/ is one group .. and http://chs.sphene.net/ is another one) ..
When calling 'syncdb' a default group is created.. which you can safely choose for now .. if you edit your 'urls.py' you should see something like:
defaultdict = { 'groupName': 'example' }

which defines all URLs below it to the group 'example' .. so if you go to /board/show/0/ .. it looks up all categories for this example group .. no matter if the user is currently logged in .. or member of the group .. (this is then only decided afterwards when checking permissions.. where you can select 'All Users', 'Loggedin Users', 'Member of the group', etc.)

I've documented it very briefly in the tutorial: http://sct.sphene.net/wiki/show/Tutorial/ in "9. Creating example Group"
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
Excellent. Works great. :)
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