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Hello everyone

I am using Wiki and I am not interested about Board but there's some templates on wiki templates that uses Sphene board. Isn't the case of make Wiki and Board apps independent since we have the community app for commom features?
what the heck am I doing?
yes.. actually the wiki shouldn't make use of any board functionality ..
where did you discover this problem ?
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
I found it right now. I have been away from web work for a while. I tried to update from trunk and replace the old templates, but I am not sure if I did everything correctly, maybe I am using old templates?

in my code, I have for example:

on file templates\sphene\sphwiki\showSnip.html the tag - {% load sphboard_extras %}

--- Last Edited by Anderson Santos at 2007-10-31 13:10:30 ---
what the heck am I doing?
Anderson Santos said @ 2007-10-31 13:09:38:
on file templates\sphene\sphwiki\showSnip.html the tag - {% load sphboard_extras %}
you are right.. i have to clean up the templates .. (in this file though none of the sphboard_extras templatetags/filters are actually used.. because they all start with 'sphboard' (except.. 'sphminus', 'sphrepeat', 'sphrange' .. which should also move into the community template tags asap :) )
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
Yes, I was cleaning up them and I found another problem.
On _snip_header.html is has the tag {% sphboard_displayUserName %} wich made me think if the way to get the logged user is by using a board templatetag and not a wiki or community templatetag
what the heck am I doing?
you are correct.. this template tag has nothing board specific . and should probably be moved into the community application ..
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
I found one more intriguing issue. I was changing css styles and I found one inline style, wiki_title on _snip_header, when cleaning up templates I suggest separate content from presentation styles too. It will make designer's life a lot easier =)
what the heck am I doing?
ok ... i now did quite some cleanup :)

no more sphboard_xxx templatetag usage in templates/sphwiki/* (pagination moved to community application, and using sph_html_user instead of sphboard_displayUserName)

no more inline styles:

herbert-pouls-computer:~/dev/python/communitytools/sphenecoll/templates/sphene herbert$ grep style . -r | grep -v .svn
./base.html:  <link rel="stylesheet" href="/static/sphene/community/styles/base.css" />
./sphboard/_displayPostForm.html:  <input type="checkbox" name="createpoll" value="1" onchange="javascript:document.getElementById( 'poll' ).style.display = (this.checked ? 'block' : 'none' )" id="createpoll_id"{% if createpoll %} checked="checked"{% endif %} /> <label for="createpoll_id">Add a poll to this thread</label><br/><br/>
./sphboard/_displayPostForm.html:  <div id="poll" style="display: none">
./sphboard/_displayPostForm.html:    document.getElementById( 'poll' ).style.display = (document.postform.createpoll.checked ? 'block' : 'none');
./sphboard/base.html:  <link rel="stylesheet" href="/static/sphene/sphboard/styles/base.css" />
./sphboard/showThread.html:      <div id="threadtagsfield" style="display:none;">
./sphboard/showThread.html:                      <td width="100%"><span class="polls_percentbar" style="padding-right:{% widthratio choice.count post.poll.total_votes 500 %}px;">&nbsp;</span><br/>{{ choice.choice }}</td>
./sphwiki/base.html:  <link rel="stylesheet" href="/static/sphene/sphwiki/styles/base.css" />

every style that is left is either an inclusion of a .css file (one for every application) or a style that is required for dynamically hiding/showing things with javascript or dynamically setting the width (poll results)

i hope i didn't miss too much :)

--- Last Edited by Herbert Poul at 2007-11-01 16:48:38 ---
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
Thank you very much, Herbert

I hope SCT grow fast, it's the best django wiki/board available =)
what the heck am I doing?
Correcting, SCT can be much more than this. It can be an intermediate layer for bigger projects =)
what the heck am I doing?

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