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I like these apps more and more:)
But I still have some basic questions:
1. How can I create a wiki page (except adding a link to it in an existing one)?
2. Delete and rename of pages? Does that require using the admin interface?
3. Updating links to renamed pages? Can this be done automatically?

ad 1) this is actually the preferred way to add a new wiki snip - simply create a link :) - you could also edit the URL (/wiki/edit/MyNewSnip/) - this trick can also be used in a template to use javascript to forward the user to this URL .. to allow a more CMS-like creation of pages..

ad 2) currently not supported - you should be able to rename it through the admin interface (although this will not rename sub snips . ie. 'Documentation/Tutorial' will not be renamed just because you rename 'Documentation')

ad 3) also not yet supported.. i have implemented this in the wiki i've done before SCT and it was never used.. so i didn't feel the need to implement it again.. although SCT is more popular so maybe there is a need arising :) is this a requirement for your site?
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
BTW, the above post was by me, herman, not by Anonymous. Sorry for the confusion...

--- Last Edited by herman at 2010-03-12 04:28:34 ---
oops, you are right, there is no documentation for that. weird..

this setting is used by the MultiHostMiddleware - it allows you to use the same installation on multiple "vhosts" - so for example https://herbert.poul.at and http://sct.sphene.net/ runs on the same installation, but with completely different forum/blog/wiki "namespaces" (these namespaces are called 'Group' ;) ) - using SPH_HOST_MIDDLEWARE_URLCONF_MAP you can define which urlconf should be used for which hostname.. does this make sense? :) if you only plan on running one website on one installation you usually don't need it, or simply set .* to your main urlconf
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
this setting is used by the MultiHostMiddleware - it allows you to use the same installation on multiple "vhosts"
.. does this make sense? :)
Yes, actually, to me it does make a lot of sense.
It means that I could potentially have a large number, essentially different, sites, served with a single django instance. Sounds like a low maintenance and low cost solution to me :)

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