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Board » Comments » comment category for "Tutorial (sct)" » TemplateSyntaxError

I've setup CommunityDraft before, but this is my first time adding the apps individually to my own project. I've gone through the tutorial, with the exception of adding the board application, since I don't need it. Now, most of the pages work, except for /community/accounts/register/, which tells me this:

"Template u'sphene/sphboard/base.html' cannot be extended, because it doesn't exist"

Is this because I did not add the board application? Is this required for the registration? Or did I do something else wrong?

Please let me know if you need any more information.
When I add the board app, and run syncdb, this is what I get now...

"sphene.community.models.MultipleObjectsReturned: get() returned more than one Group -- it returned 2! Lookup parameters were {'name': 'example'}"
thanks for using SCT - you are right with the template error - it is a bug since the templates in the community applications must not extend the template of the sphboard app. i have committed a fix into the trunk version in subversion of SCT.

as for the second error - maybe you could post a stacktrace along with the error? it seems like the 'example' group has been added a second time.. whyever this happened.. you could try simply deleting it by hand from the database (try a select * from community_group; - if you see two 'example' groups you can try to delete the one which was created later.. hopefully nothing has a reference to it)
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
Thanks for your response. Somehow, after running syncdb a second time, everything worked without a hitch (in terms of adding sphboard). I didn't intentionally setup any kind of caching or anything, but I'm wondering what happened because it didn't work until after rebooting.

Normally I just restart Apache2 after making changes (I'm using mod_python) but I'm not really sure what the workflow should look like in terms of what services etc need to be restarted.

So, I must have done something wrong somewhere. I'm gonna have to spend some time familiarizing myself with the Django process, I suppose! Sorry to bother you, and thanks again for your quick response!

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