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Board » Comments » comment category for "Tutorial (sct)" » 'Create It' Link doesn't do anything

hmm.. this usually happens when the reverse lookup for a URL does not work .. are you guys using the communitydraft demo project, or trying to integrate SCT into an existing project?
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
I (thread initiator) created a new (empty) project, and tried to integrate it there. My aim was to integrate it into a real project ...
In lack of more time, i switched to WikiApp, since i only needed the wiki part of the project anyway. But i have no doubt, that SCT outperforms WikiApp, once its running :)
I'm trying to set up one SCT instance, running a wiki and a blog.

i want the wiki to be accessed by www.mywiki.com and i want the blog to be accessed by www.myblog.com

i've created community groups wiki and blog but can't seem to figure out how to get the middleware and urls to work. honestly, though i've done a couple of django sites, and have some python familiarity, this is a bit confusing to me. could you give me a real-world example?

# You can configure this to make every subdomain refer to it's own community 'Group'
r'^(?P<groupName>\w+).localhost.*$': { 'urlconf': 'urlconfs.community_urls', },
'.*': { 'urlconf': 'urlconfs.community_urls',
'params': { 'groupName': 'example' } },

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