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Board » General » URL computing bug?

I just upgraded both Django and SCT to the latest (from nearly a year of letting them sit.)

I managed to fix all the little tidbits which needed to get fixed for moving to Django 1.x and SCT 0.5.

Now I have one last issue which has to do with some of the URLs being generated. Somewhere the URL creation for sub-links like login, specific forums, etc. is now picking up an internal URL that is part of the redirection specification. Meaning that from the Forums main page what use to get generated as:


Is now getting generated as:


The login link on the left menu use to get generated like:



But, some of other links are getting correctly generated without the extra "nodsite.fcgi" level. BTW nodsite.fcgi is coming from the lighttpd configuration for internal redirection through the fastcgi engine.

Any suggestions?
Looks like it is a Django vs. lighttpd thing. Not in your code at all.

I haven't found a really nice solution (will keep pounding on it). But in the mean time I found that by setting FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME = '' int he settings_local.py file this fixes the issue. It only works if everything is coming off the root. :^)

I suppose this could be filled in with more specific details. But, it works.


+ Leeland
thanks for clearing this up :) i have no experience with fcgi whatsoever .. (i'm using mod_wsgi) .. and didn't encounter anything similar during my upgrades.. if it turns out to be a SCT problem after all let me know :)

Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
I don't realy know, maybe this could help (or did you found it already?):


--- Zuletzt bearbeitet von sascha k. am 2009-05-20 09:15:00 ---
Bang on. That is indeed the very change that was causing problems and it is a better explanation of what happened.

Thanks, I had not found that. I actually found a clue in the new Django documentation for FastCGI setup the very last paragraph on the page talked about FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME 'feature.' Specifically this section:


Thanks again! It is always nice to know the why as well as the how.

+ Leeland

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