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You have an almost complete plug-in style reference set for the markup languages in place. I was thinking it might be better if we yank out the dependency on markdown and bbcode. If we make those completely plug-in style they could continue to sit right where they are but then in settings_local.py other markup libs could be configured which would be used in concert with the included markup renderers.

I have added this a feature to do when I get to the wiki section of my web site. But, figured I'd start the discussion now.
well.. there is only a markup plugin api for the forum.. the wiki is hardcoded for markdown ..

but the board renderers can be exchanged using SPH_SETTINGS variable 'board_custom_markup': http://sct.sphene.net/wiki/show/SPH_SETTINGS/#62\BoardCustomMarkup__MD_autoTOC_12

i think the board and wiki markup should continue to be fully separated (configuration wise) .. but it might be a good idea to have one API/plugin mechanism for markups .. but the current setting should still be the default..

(and.. in the board it is currently possible for users to choose their preferred markup for every post.. this should not be possible in the wiki .. the wiki should only have one markup .. which can be configured.. but is effective for the whole wiki .... i'm just not sure if it should be a installation-global setting or better a Group-based setting)

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