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Board » General » Re-Edit Ability on Posts (blogs and forums)

Is there a way to grant "re-edit" permission for posts?

It would be good to have a defined "re-edited threads" forum where the changes would be "logged" in the form of a new post that looked something like:

Title of post:

User X changed post Y in forum Z

Body of post:

Original Message:
Some Message with an eerrr

New Message:
Some Message with an error.

i guess you mean some kind of edit history for forum posts..
this is currently not possible.. but i have planned to implement it (sooner or later) - but not with a special forum category .. but simply with another dedicated database table, similar to the way wiki snips log their history ..
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
Cool. Well this in on my plate of things to do (if you don't beat me to it).

I like the idea of a database table doing the same as a wiki page. But, I use to deal with a major forum site where we had hundreds of people cross checking things and having the forum made it simple to check to see what was done, who did and what they started with. This was mostly to lock out people who were trying to violate the rules once they got "power" to re-edit by posting inflammatory things letting them sit for a bit then changing them to more reasonable language before they got caught. It also gave an indication of who was re-editing A LOT so we could know who to watch more closely.

When it gets implemented maybe could have one, or both options made available to the category set up. Meaning that each forum category could be set to record to a wiki like DB and/or to a selectable change moderation forum. That way we could have one or more moderation forums.

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