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Board » General » Feature Discussions » Integration of Blogmaker

I would like a few more features for the blog on my SCT site. Things like tag clouds, side bars with old posts rolled up into ever more inclusive sets based on age (last week, weeks, months, years), ability to search the blogs for key words, etc.

I noticed there is a really full featured blog called blogmaker at http://code.google.com/p/blogmaker/. That has a lot of great features. The wordpress blogs look very nice (hence the large scale adoption of them) I want to get something close in look and feel using SCT.

Hints and clues most welcome!
i have never heard of blogmaker .. so it's a bit hard for me to tell what would be required to integrate it with SCT ..

do you really want to integrate it .. or extend the functionality of SCT ?

i currently consider SCT's blog application more a demonstration on what could be done using category types than a full featured blog .. basically because i haven't had a use(r) for a "full-featured" blog yet ...
so, if you want to extend SCTs functionality i'll try to help you wherever i can .. (the easiest way would probably be to create your own categorytypes.py in your application and extend the existing BlogCategoryType and create your own views)

but i have no idea how to integrate blogmaker .. but.. since it's just another django app (?) i guess it could simply live side by side with SCT ?
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)

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