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User Profiles

Community / UserProfiles

User profiles in the Community application serve two purposes:

  1. Allow the user define public attributes which will be visible in his public profile.
  2. Set application specific settings.

1. Configuring information fields

An administrator of a site can define which fields are available. These can be set in the django admin under Community -> Community user profile fields.

Each configured field has four properties:

2. Taking advantage of user profiles in your own applications

The user profiles are ment to be as extensible as possible. To achieve this, at specific places while editing or displaying the profile signals are dispatched which can be intercepted by any django application to modify the resulting output.

Three signals are currently defined (all under sphene.community.signals)

I hope you now at least have grasp what could be done currently. Since I'm not sure how useful this can be I'm not extensively documenting this part. If you think this can be useful for you check for example how sphboard uses these signals (sphenecoll/sphene/sphboard/models.py), post in the board or write me (herbert.poul@gmail.com) an email.

3. Disabling profiles

If you want to disable the user profiles for some reason (e.g. because you have your own user profile mechanism) - it shouldn't be too hard to accomplish this.

The most important thing to do is overload the template sphene/community/_display_username.html which is used throughout SCT to display the full username including a link the the user profile. You can adopt the template to link to your profile implementation.

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