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  • Re: permissioning
    Board » Comments » comment category for "Wiki (sct)"
    there is also a "special snip" you can create which will be used as the root permission when no others apply - simply call a snip called 'ROOT' and assign permissions to it.
    aha! that's what I was after, thanks!

    Having a lot of fun with this so far, thanks for all your hard work :)

  • haystack?
    Board » Comments » comment category for "Search (sct)"
    Hi Herbert,

    Have you considered using Haystack (http://haystacksearch.org/) for the search components? If you provided Haystack SearchIndex definitions for the various SCT components, it would be an extremely convenient and straightforward way to facilitate a modular search, with the possibility of multiple backends.

    I may get 'round to creating a SearchIndex for sphwiki at some point, in which case I'll report back. I'm using Haystack on a different project, and really like it (though I can't claim to be an expert). I've just discovered SCT, and am still working out if it's a good choice for a project I expect to begin in a month or two.



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