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Moto-Notes (http://moto-notes.com) is a set of free tools that are related to automotivity.

Currently it contains:

1. Notebook (http://notebook.moto-notes.com) which is a tool for automotivity fans who like to know how much do they spend on their vehicles, how much fuel their vehicles consume etc.. It also has reminders one can set to a specific date or mileage.

2. Guide (http://guide.moto-notes.com) which is a simple tool to draw and publish routes.

3. Board (http://board.moto-notes.com - in english, http://forum.moto-notes.com - in polish) to discuss about moto-notes, and yes this is SCT :)

The site has been just brought to live so there aren't much posts on boards at the moment of writing this. I hope it will change soon.

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