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Board » General » Feature Discussions » "mass-producing" wikis and forums

I'm planning on making a site where people can form groups with their own private wiki and forum. I've only just now downloaded SCT; can anyone offer any details on where I might look to modify the code to support this?

this should be pretty easy ..
although there are three things missing in SCT to support this (i can think of right now) ...

1.) there is no way to set permissions for wiki snips (ie. everything would be public by default, editable by "group members")
2.) there is no way for "group admins" to add members to the group
3.) there is no admin UI for forum categories (except the django auto admin)

so.. to support this, you have to at least add support for 2. and 3. - of course with a view which would create sphene.community.models.Group objects ..

as for the configuration .. in 'communitydraft' there is already an example of this sort of thing:

    '': { 'urlconf': 'urlconfs.community_urls',
                        'params': { 'groupName': 'example' }
    r'^(?P<groupName>\w+).localhost.*$': { 'urlconf': 'urlconfs.community_urls', },

simply replace ^(?P<groupName>\w+).localhost.*$ with ^(?P<groupName>\w+).communities.com$ (or whatever your domain will be) and users could access their groups using <group name>.communities.com

let me know if this hint helps you .. if you have experience with django it should be quite easy i guess ..
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
Hehe, I have no experience with Django whatsoever (though I'm handy with Python). I'm learning it as I go (rather slowly, too, due to class). Thanks for the pointers.

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