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Board » General » Long term goal for SCT ?


what is your long term goal for SCT ?
Do you want to implement many features until it look like phpbb or vBulletin or do you want to keep the board
simple and leave specific development to those who want to install it ?
Do you plan to implement features that will be unique to SCT like "whispering" in Vanilla ?

Sorry for bold I just wanted to test BBCode :).

Are you planning to allow editing your own post ? Private messaging ? Advanced panel for moderators ?

well ..
there aren't much "unique" features for SCT i'm currently planning .. (except a couple of unspectacular features which i'll need for my project.. like having sub-admins which can create their own categories below a certain point.. but.. that's probably not that unique anyway .. there are millions of boards out there.. ;) ) - btw. what is that whispering feature ? :)

the board might also not reach the level of vbulletin & co in the near future.. but i'm planning on implementing much more features.. as long as it remains a pluggable django application :) .. i'm not so sure if messaging falls into that category .. maybe that should be part of another application ? i don't see that it is an essental for a board :)

to your 3 specific questions ...
private messaging .. currently not.. as i said.. maybe private messaging should be it's own independent application ..
editing .. defentively .. yes..
advanced panel for administrators ... yes .. (well.. depends on what you mean by 'advanced' .. but administration of categories + all settings)

and.. you can see a few of my planned features here: http://code.google.com/p/sct-project/issues/list (not all .. just a couple of things.. feel free to add things if you think they are essential ;) )

btw. i just discovered.. editing of posts is not listed in the issue tracker .. damn .. it's still on my todo list in google notebook.. where i added it before i registered SCT for google code hosting ;)
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
The whispering feature of Vanilla is a way to leave a private note to one recipient inside a conversation thread.

It's a private message in context.

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