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Since Sphene's Groups is not a solution for my problem, and wiki snips are maybe too simplistic I would ask for your suggestion for this architecture definition so I can find a solution

Groups: A community group for sphene overall application management (not exactly, but it's how I see it)

Dashboard: It can be a snip with a custom layout, nothing special except... (see below)

Wiki snip: A wiki "page"

And here what I need

"Project": some kind of groups inside a Community Group, and it will have a Dashboard associated (it wouldn't be nice?)

I will explain that with my example:

We have two companies that share the same community groups (we have a lot of shared information)

We have documentation that is general for users
(maybe, Start wiki snip)

We have documentation for each department (programming, support, sales, managers, etc) restricted or not
(projects, dashboards or whatever name it gets)

We have members for each department
(user group, for example)

We have members that are outside like partners or clients and they need communication tools
(project/dashboard members, for example, wich is more then user groups suggests - e.g. a user can exists in many projects and a user don't necessarily have access to support page)

So, there are many situations that conflicts, like user groups and project users, dashboard/project and wiki snip and I don't know what is the best solution

Any ideas?

what the heck am I doing?
Brainkeeper wiki organize the "projects" by workspace. it can be a good one =)
what the heck am I doing?
for me this 'Project' entity sounds very much specific to the dashboard feature..
i couldn't see it integrated into any other part of the wiki .. am i right with this conclusion ?

as far as i understand it the 'Project' would simply be a relation between users and dashboards.. so when a user visits the wiki he will be displayed the correct dashboard (or a collection of dashboards)

does this make sense, or am i missing something here ?
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
At first I was thinking about something like this, but I am concluding that maybe it's not necessary. A default dashboard page would be fine.

The point is having a more precise control over the groups of the pages, so I can know the users that can colaborate and so on.

Many wikis use the term Workspace for this "project". I think this is the best definition for me, nothing new, just something that maybe is missing in sphene and I am mixing concepts =P
what the heck am I doing?

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