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Board » General » Feature Discussions » Wiki Table of Contents problems

Hello, I am attempting to get the table of contents to display properly and so far I haven't have any luck. Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction.

I found this in showSnip.html:

{% if False and sph.toc %}
<div id="sphwiki_toc">{{ sph.toc }}</div>
{% endif %}

Obviously that won't work, but if I change the if statement to:

{% if sph.toc %}

I still don't get any output. What are the conditions that must be met for sph.toc to contain anything?

Thanks in advance!

to the template but I think documentation is a bit scarce regarding how it works:

well.. you need to have sphene.community.middleware.ThreadLocals in your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES setting and sphene.community.context_processors.navigation in your CONTEXT_PROCESSORS variable of settings.py.. i think there is no other prerequisite.. could you check if both is true for your case? have you tried using the CommunityDraft sample application? it should show the ToC to the left just on this website..
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