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Board » General » Feature Discussions » Dashboard wiki snips

As suggested by Anderson Santos in the issue tracker #48.

Dashboards should allow an administrator to easily build a wiki snip which includes various other pages or wiki snips. - Please see the issue tracker for more information.
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
Just one note about dashboard is: in Social Text it is almost the same as "Groups" since you invite users to the Dashboard and it creates a group of users that belongs to it, so the Dashboards are "main page for groups".

If we treat it as a snip I am worried about the page layout. Maybe we can create a template system that is similar to flatpages, that each snip will check for a template file according to its path, or use the default instead. Maybe a snip can have an additional property called template, I don't know.

And finally: how it will be implemented? There is any "include" tag in wiki, already?
SocialT ext have the following code:

include:[ dashboard_name ]Wiki Page Name

--- Last Edited by Anderson Santos at 2007-08-08 18:10:42 ---
what the heck am I doing?
i think i'm still not 100% understand the dashboard functionality :)
can we please start from scratch (without too much references to social text :) )

let's take a simple stupid wiki .. like.. SCT's wiki is .. and see what we need to add until we have something that fulfills your needs ;)

the first question is .. who defines the layout of a dashboard .. and who defines what is seen on these dashboards.

if we need custom design for the dashboard .. and the layout has to be changed only by someone with shell access to the server.. it might be easier to create a custom django view with a custom template ?
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
sorry to make the discussion more complex, english is not my first or second language.
Let's start:

I need a Page where someone can organize content about just one subject, so, suppose we are talking about marketing department dashboard, I must be able to:

- organize the marketing documentation for newcomers
- "update" the status of current marketing projects
- create notes/news/information that can be useful to visitors
- see the recent changes of some wikipages
- see all dashboards that I am "interested"/belong to
- reuse these snips in other page if necessary (so they are included snips and not a big snip with functionalities)
- use "own-build dynamically generated snips" (not necessarily an implemantation for the wiki)
- have a more precise access control (not only by groups, since I can't see a smaller control using groups if they are defined on settings.py ), so someone can have access to "mycompany.mysite.com" but not able to see ".../wiki/MySecretProjects" for example, but some users that are not admin can access

So, a marketing Dashboard have a front page with those snips, some dynamic, some wikipages. It also has a link to the Main "page" where I can put the important information.

When I access a dashboard page, I have an overview in an user-friendly interface.

So, I have the following suggestion:

->Create a dashboard grouping model, with users, and snips/portlets

->When create a snip under a dashboard, it will belong to that dashboard and the access will respect the dashboard users (if restricted)

-> A dashboard page will respect a default template with template_blocks. The snips for the content will be empty snips with the name dashboard_wikipagename (or something like this)

I hope now it's clearer for you



what the heck am I doing?

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