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Board » News Forum » SCT (trunk) - Read/New Post display is now associated with user instead of session

The check if new posts are available within a category/thread is now associated with a user, not a session.

This means that all sessions of a user have the same threads marked as read. -> a new entity was needed for this and \CategoryLastVisit was modified, so you need to run 'syncdb'. - There might be a problem the first time a user visits the board after you update. If this is the case you could either ignore it, or run the following command: UPDATE sphboard_categorylastvisit SET lastvisit = NOW(); to reset the 'new posts' of all users.

(Since this is quite an essential feature of a board.. i would welcome feedback if anyone encounters any problems when deploying this new version - thanks. - i of course tested it.. and it is also used on this website..)
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)

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