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Board » General » Feature Discussions » Two forum feature requests

Two forum features that I think should be added:

1) These links should always be visible:

Search | Latest | Board

It reduces the click count by one as I don't have to return to the main board link just to click the "Latest" link.

2) When replying, maybe show the previous posts at the bottom of the page so I can see what I'm responding to.

the first one should be pretty easy :)
although i think i excluded those options from the thread list because it looked to cluttered.. but i could put it back in as a setting or something like it..

as for the second.. this would require some coding, but shouldn't be too hard either.. but you can also try out the SPH_SETTING['board_quick_reply'] = True - this will display the reply form directly underneath of a thread.
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)

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