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Board » General » Sphene integration with django sites framework

Thank you very much for making this code and application available. It certainly saves a lot of time and is an excellent base for creating large applications - or just to be used as is...
My question is around integration with sites - if one needed to run more than one website on a server. I note django sites is part of the installed apps - yet do not see linking tables between site and community groups, roles. Similarly board categories, polls and wikisnips would be site specific. I realize this adds a layer of complexity to each of these aspects, and wondered how other users of your code do this? Do they change the existing views, or is there a neater, more generic, way to handle this?
Modifying sphene views would break backward compatibility with later releases of the code, not so?

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the SCT equivalent for the site framework would bei a 'Group' - since these groups are actually more flexible than a 'Site' it should be easy to match those..
so .. simply create one Group for every Site .. and make sure that the 'groupName' is passed in correctly, or use the SPH_HOST_MIDDLEWARE_URLCONF_MAP to match domains to the Group .. (i assume you have separate domains for every 'Site' so this should work good enough)
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