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Board » General » Table of Contents for Wiki

On the Documentation page, which is generated with the sphwiki app, there is a Table of Contents on the left. Is this automatically generated and if so is this in the code somewhere? This would be a really useful feature for the wiki which I don't think exists at the moment.
as you can see in the base_root.html template from the CommunityDraft project (http://yourhell.com/wsvn/root/django/communitydraft/trunk/community/sitetemplates/base_root.html), you can simply use:

    {% if sph.toc %}
      <div id="toc">
        {{ sph.toc }}
    {% endif %}
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
I found that section in the templates with a False and sph.toc, so I removed the false since that would never evaluate to true but no Table of Contents is showing. I am trying to track down what sph.toc exactly refers to, I cannot find it in the context or the template, does this need to be set somewhere or something else applied?

edit: I was not changing the correct files, I was changing the sphene installation templates instead of my own, very embarrassing. It works fine actually, thanks.

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