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Board » General » How to setup blog?

Is there any documentation on how to setup this blog feature? Becouse I can't manage to do it.
I don't understand how can I create new blog entry. When I'm using url /blog/postthread/ I'm getting:

MultiValueDictKeyError at /blog/postthread/
"Key 'category' not found in <QueryDict: {}>"

I would like also to know, if there is a possibility in SCT for all registered users to have their own bersonal blogs, where posting is limited only to owner.

I would be appreciate for help.

you can only post into a forum category .. enable the application, add the urlconf and go to /blog/ .. if you have the right permissions you should see a drop down of the category with a 'post new blog entry' button.

currently there is no way to have a blog for every user.. you would have to write a custom view which allows users to create their own blog.. and assign the right permissions (probably through roles) .. this should be easily doable. do you have any idea how a user would register his blog?

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Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)

Thanks for fast reply.

I've made a new category, added some posts and then changed "category type" to sphblog.
But when I'm trying to wiew it by Forum I'm getting redirected to /blog/4/ for example and then error occures:

TemplateSyntaxError at /blog/4/
Caught an exception while rendering: BlogPostExtension matching query does not exist.

When I'm typing /blog/ url by hand, I'm getting the same error.
So could it be caused by something wrong with my settings? Or could it be some bug maybe?

About personal blogs, I wanted new personal blog to be created automatically when user registers himself.


create an empty category and change the type before posting anything.. otherwise you will post forum messages, not blog posts
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
Well, it didn't work for me.
I'm creating empty blog category, but I can't post anything.
If I'm entering /blog/ by typing url or by entering blog category in forum, it displays message:
"No posts matched the given criteria."
And I don't see any button to add new entry.
I'm logged in as administrator or simple user and category is set to allow posting to loged in users, so I suppose I should have permission to post. Or am I wrong? Do I have to set some extra permissions?
ops, you are right.. this is a weird behavior ..
seems to be a bug. :( after creating your blog category try to find it in your normal /board/ overview. in the URL you should see the ID .. for now, simply use the url /board/post/23/ to post into that category the first time. afterwards you should see the 'Submit new post' url on /blog/ .. i have to look at it, why it won't display this button when no messages are contained in a blog.. it doesn't really make sense this way.
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
I see.
I have tried to do as You adviced and it worked.
Too bad there's a bug. Becouse I was going to include blog on my site easy way. I'll wait for patch then :).

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