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I'm currently looking to build a website with a similar feature set to ensidia.com and I believe they have used SCT. Heavily modified version of it anyway.

By the looks of ensidia.com they have renamed some of the urls and implemented their own front page app to pull in all latest news items in date order.

I'd like to use the community (accounts, etc), forum and blog sections of sct but when it comes to code purity im not one for having a mass of files sitting there thats not being used so my question is how easy is it to include the sections I need into a new application and how would I go about attempting this.

I'm new to django btw but I learn quickly. :) and I love what you have created with sct.

i have no idea if they have used SCT - the URL schema look similar, but i don't think i have heard of them before ;) would be interesting ..

but anyway .. everything you mention seem easy enough.. - what exactly do you mean with mass of unused files? it shouldn't be necessary to modify SCT, just build upon it.. (I usually create a new project and than simply import the settings.py from CommunityDraft and modify it from there.. ie. i add communitydraft and communitytools to my python library path, and simply customize it by overloading various settings...)

Not sure what you want to know exactly, maybe you can be more specific about your problem? (is it setup, changing URLs, retrieving the latest news in your own views (which i'm not sure is necessary, simply use the blog frontend?), extending profiles, etc.)
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
Ok its just me not seeing how I can build things using django and sct. Like I said im new to django and sct so you'll have to bare with me.

how would I use the blog frontend to show the latest news, articles (from admins)?

How easy would it be to allow all users to create a blog?

Sorry for the dumb questions but I'm still learning :)


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