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Board » General » Problems with feeds in Sphene trunk


I found some problems with the blog feed in the trunk version of Sphene (r782) and I'm trying to understand if that was my fault or it is a regression.

The 'feed' url is configured in 'sphblog/urls.py' to drop the group (noGroup=True), which is fair enough because it calls django.contrib.syndication.views.feed(), which doesn't take a group keyword. The problem is that the view ends up calling LatestBlogPost methods, which expect get_current_group() returning a group. Because it returns None, the method title() explodes.

I temporarily fixed the issue using the attached patch: I wrote a wrapper to the Django feed() function discarding the 'group' parameter before calling the original function.

Is it a problem in my setup or a bug in the trunk? My setup is nothing special: something like
(r'^blog/',  include('sphene.sphblog.urls'), defaultdict), ),

in my main urls.py

Daniele Varrazzo
Develer s.r.l. -- http://www.develer.com
it is weird that get_current_group doesn't return the group - are you using the MultiHostMiddleware and have an appropriate SPH_HOST_MIDDLEWARE_URLCONF_MAP configured?
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
Yes, it worked as expected, thanks.

I set up the site starting from the tutorial, where there is no mention to such settings. But if they were introduced in the trunk then it's nothing strange.

Thank you again.
Daniele Varrazzo
Develer s.r.l. -- http://www.develer.com

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