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I am evaluating Sphene to renew the Italian Python community website.

We would like to have both a general blog for all the registered users and a news channel where to publish "official" news. I was thinking about using two sphblog instances, which would have completely different workflows. I tried to set them up under different groups, with an url configuration like:

(r'^news/', include('sphene.sphblog.urls'), {'groupName': 'admins'}),
(r'^blog/', include('sphene.sphblog.urls'), {'groupName': 'pythonit'}),

but things are not perfect: for instance the urls generated for the news sometimes refer to the blog (or the other way round: the latter in the url conf prevails).

Given my use case, what would you do? Is it possibile to have different sphblogs, with different configurations, living into the same website? Can my use case be obtained in a different way?

I have a very similar requirement for sphwiki: I would like to have a regular wiki, open for all the registered users, but I'd also like to use the wiki to generate "flatpages": for instance the page "/about" of the website would be a different rendering of the "/flatpages/show/about" page. Only administrators should be allowed to edit those pages (without dealing with ACLs on per-page basis).

Any advice about what is the best way to use the sphene objects and permissions is welcome. Thank you very much.

-- Daniele

Daniele Varrazzo
Develer s.r.l. -- http://www.develer.com

i would do it completely differently ;) groups are really just there so you can have multiple websites on one django instance.. (like vhosts or the 'sites' django contrib)

but.. you can have multiple categories of type blog.. so you can have one blog forum category where only admins can post new therads (blog posts) .. and one where everyone can submit posts.. you can then either use /blog/ where all blog posts are aggregated .. or /blog/<category id>/ where only blog posts of the given blog id are shown..

you can also use the news macro in the wiki to show posts of any forum category (just as i do on the start page of this site).

as for the wiki: the same deal .. use permissions.. permissions in the wiki are hierachical .. so you could create a snip called 'Public' and allow everyone to edit it .. this will then apply to 'Public/Blah', 'Public/Blah/Blah', etc. but 'Private' would still be only editable by members of the group or admins. (permissions can currently only be modified through the django admin interface :( - if you want to change the permissions for the root level snips create a snip called 'ROOT')
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
Thank you for your advices: we are just starting dealing with sphene objects and we still have to figure out the best way to use them for our jobs.


-- Daniele
Daniele Varrazzo
Develer s.r.l. -- http://www.develer.com
understandable since my documentation is not very exhaustive :( so feel free to ask anything you need (maybe i should start to organize my answers in this forum into the documentation.. would be a start at least :) )

let me know if you encounter any further problems
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)

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