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Board » General » showCategory extremely slow on forums with large amounts of messages

Hi all,
we have some 100.000 messages in out forum as of now.
The biggest category has 46K messages in 6600 threads.
Before it was running fine on a dumb perl forum.
Now i am switching it to sphboard:

Now, when i enter the category, it takes an awfully long time to load even if i am the only user - meaning it would be a lot worse when there would be several hundred of them.

I've seen that showCategory is actually querying the WHOLE list of messages and then orders them accordingly - which is what takes so much time.

Is there a way to speed this up by limiting the query in some way ( e.g. putting something like 'LIMIT 100' on the filter query? )

And having pagination go like <previous page> ( current ) <next page> so that pagination isn't necessary

Do you have any mod code for this?

Thanks in advance.

sorry for the (very) late response.. i have also noticed the slow performance.. but i don't think it's just because of the paging.. i will take a look asap .. but i think the solution will be to simply add caching or similar ..

hope you are still considering moving to SCT
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)

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