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Board » General » SCT- still requires PyCrypto?

Good day, I was looking over the requirements for running SCT, and it lists PyCrypto. However, that does not seem to be a currently available app - it was abandoned and taken up by a new developer, who has not yet released a version that I can find :)

Is it really required to run SCT, or just an option? Are there alternatives, or archived versions of PyCrypto available?


John C>
well.. it is still a requirement for the registration & forgot password functionality .. but i think you can safely go with this release: http://www.amk.ca/files/python/crypto/pycrypto-2.0.1.tar.gz

but if there is any other python library supporting encryption you could simply patch sphenecoll/sphene/contrib/libs/common/utils/misc.py and send me the result :)
(one way would be to use the hashlib / md5 from the standard python library and create a base64 encoded string of <email address>::<random number>::<signed md5 hash of email and number> ... the only requirement for this algorithm is, that it must not be guessable.. so if every email address generates a unique result.. it should be safe enough to use that to validate an email address)
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)

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