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Board » General » sphboard style

I can't seem to have SCT use the sphboard style in:


My desired rendering on sphboard content will only be effected if I modify:


I would prefer not to modify anything in communitytools.

The documentation below appears relevant but I don't know how to set this up in settings_local.py:

styleincludes.append(settings.MEDIA_URL + 'sphene/sphboard/styles/base.css'

good question .. i think the best way would be you simply overwrite the CSS properties in your own CSS file instead of trying to modify the values.. if you know what i mean .. :)

if you are using the communitydraft template as a base.. you could edit _head.html (or overwrite it in your own custom template directory) and add your style includes there.. these will then be included after the CSS files from sphboard & co .. and you could easily overwrite the properties..
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