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Board » General » Community Group and User Setup

I have some confusions on how to setup the users properly.

1) In addition to the superuser, I added 2 users staff1 and staff2 here: http://localhost:8000/admin/auth/user/

2) I then created the roles Group Moderator and Group User here: http://localhost:8000/community/admin/permission/role/create/

(Group Admin already exists by default)

3) Now, this is the part where I get confused. I can add the users to the roles but what is that Role Group all about?

I have an impression that the roles are only for the Blogs. How are access restrictions implemented for the Wiki? I can create Snip Start but I don't know how to add more wiki pages.
you are right.. role permissions are currently only used by the forum ..

by default every logged in user can edit a wiki snip ..
if you want to change that for the whole wiki .. you need to create a snip called 'ROOT' - simply entering bogus content and hitting save here:

and afterwards edit it through the django admin .. (this is actually a quite old problem) - there you can configure who can view or edit the snip ...

(permissions are inherited to sub snips .. so .. if the snip Foo/Bar has no assigned permissions it will look for permissions in the snip Foo .. if that snip has no permissions it looks for the specially named snip ROOT)
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
Herbert, that was a very useful tip (i.e. ROOT). Thanks.

I have not been clarified on the Role Group question above.

- Manage Roles
- Manage Role Groups

Is it ok to do away with Role Groups? I just can't seem to find use for it w/c I can't do with just Roles.
well.. you can do everything with roles alone.. but .. it is more work..

imagine you have a 'moderator' role.. which has edit permissions for the forum..

and then you have 10 users who require this moderator role for like 3 forum categories.. instead of adding these 30 restrictions (3 restrictions for 10 users) you could simply create a role group .. add all 10 users.. and then create those 3 restrictions for the role group ..

does this make sense ? :) ... it's probably only useful if you have a very complex permission requirement..

--- Last Edited by Herbert Poul at 2008-10-11 14:42:43 ---
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)
I see ... so there are two ways of assigning permissions/roles to users:

1) Create roles with the correct permissions and assign members to the roles.


2) Create roles with the correct permissions, create role groups, assign members to the role groups, and finally, assign the role groups to the roles.

Now that I understand it, I guess it would be easy for me to implement both methods. But since I only have a simple web application, I think I will just use 1).


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