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Board » News Forum » Anonymous Postings / Edits --- Database Changelog

It is now possible to let anonymous users post new board posts or edit wiki snips ..
(this is not recommended, since there is no captcha check yet)

Together with this change the database layout has changed. Since i guess this will happen more often i created a very simple changelog management.. each model in SCT will have an attribute called 'changelog' where i will add SQL commands to update the database structure..

this will be checked each time django's 'syncdb' script is run ..(in your project ./manage.py syncdb) - You can run this command after each subversion update to make sure your database structure is up to date... since i only test with postgresql you might need to modify the statements slight and execute them by hand if you use another DB engine.
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)

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