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I did some more changes:

- Attachment upload now uses formsets (this allows changing and removing attachments).
Beware that associated template (_displayPostForm.html) was also changed so any custom overrides of this template should be updated to use formsets.

- Added SPHFileWidget that is used by upload form (based on AdminFileWidget)
- Fix for displaying posts in sphcomments (use is_hidden=0)
- Added CACHE_MIDDLEWARE_KEY_PREFIX to some cache keys in SCT
- Added root_post__category, root_post__author, latest_post__author to select_related clause at sphboard.views->showCategory to reduce amount of database queries
- Fixed bug in user registration that caused no Response object to be returned if there were any errors in Registration form (eg. invalid password repetition)
- Added HISTORY.txt file with full descirpiton of all recent changes. This might be helpful for creating next release.

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