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Board » General » SCT example project in one minute, with buildout! Available now in repository.

I've just commited few fixes to SCT (now both community and sphboard may /or may not/ use South migrations) and created example project that uses buildout. It is currently the simplest way to setup complete SCT site in just a minute. Unfortunatelly the layout is ugly... but it is.

Check it out:
$ svn co http://source.sphene.net/svn/root/django/communitytools/trunk/examples/buildout_project sphene_example
$ cd sphene_example
$ python bootstrap.py
$ bin/buildout
$ bin/django syncdb
$ bin/django runserver

You're done! Go visit http://localhost:8000/board

Recipe uses sqlite database so you don't have to install anything. Beware that sqlite is not reccomended for any further development/use.

Example project uses trunk version of SCT and django 1.2.3 ( I'm not sure if 1.2 is fully supported now ? ).

I didn't use templates folder in main project. I prefer using special application for theming site - see apps/sct_theme in example project. This application is first one in INSTALLED_APPS so it can override templates etc. This way it is possible to easily generate locales for these templates.
I've slightly updated this example project. Now it uses templates from CommunityDraft project so it looks just like the page you're reading now :)

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