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Board » General » Replacing ./manage.py runserver with Apache.

It's been ages since the last time I set up apache, so I'm sure these are stupid questions.

I have a directory /home/doug/django, and underneath that are going to be different websites. Let's say one is called "support". Underneath support I have my module and the sphene directory from communitytools/sphenecoll

What I did here is follow your instructions on setting up a sample website, then moved my module into it. I found this was much simpler than trying to incorporate your stuff into my website.

I configured apache to see /home/doug/django as root, and set up a virtual host 'support'

It seems to see my settings.py, but gives me this error when I try to load http://myserver/bbjsupport/

ImproperlyConfigured: Error importing middleware sphene.community.middleware: "No module named sphene.community.middleware"

I have two goals here. One is to use my development server as also the web server. When someone outside types in support.com I want apache to serve it as a virtual website.

The second is to have everything in one directory so I can host it elsewhere.

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