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Board » General » wiki links in headings and sphene toc

I am trying to set up my snip start page as a table of contents, with headers and sub-headers on the content side being links to wiki pages which in themselves could either be independent publications or lists of links to different categories addressed by that page. The automatic table of contents for the page is a nice feature but it ignores any headers which has wiki links or markdown links in (it prints the heading number but fails to print the heading itself). Am I missing something or is there a way to use this first snip as a formatted list of links to subsections on my site?
My site will evolve to be a article directory in the health area - so I will have a heading Human Health, with under it subsections - eg. diabetes, atherosclerosis and cardiac disease, nutrition, etc. Each of the subsections should ideally link to a landing page which would then have links to relevant subsections...

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