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Board » General » Board integration with existing app. Profile and GroupRole questions

I'm integrating SCT Board with my existing project and I don't want to use community's profile so I'm checking if I can stop using it safely.

Up till now I changed _display_username.html as documented. After that I switched avatar system to the one my app uses (app is pinax based so it uses django-avatar - isn't it a good idea to integrate it with SCT?). I still need to enhance my app's profile to include settings for boards signatures and e-mail notifications.

First thing I'd like to ask is about first and last name. Why are those fields required? I added required=False in EditProfileForm for those fields and then I saved profile with neither first nor last name. After that I played a little with profile and everything seems to be ok.

Second question is about grouproles? What is that and how should I use it?

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